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Essential Oils for Hikers

  •   Wednesday April 19th, 2017

With plants in full bloom and warmer temperatures on the horizon, spring truly is the season of hikers.  Nature is at its best, and the trails are beckoning.  And while hiking is a pretty healthy activity, did you know that some essential oils can help you get more from your hikes?  Here, we̵

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Spring Cleaning the
Healthy Way with Essential Oils

  •   Monday April 3rd, 2017

Spring is a time when we seek to freshen our lives and our surroundings.  Perhaps that’s why the season is accompanied with renewed vigor for thorough cleaning.  Unfortunately, many of the cleaning supplies we use in our home or office are themselves dangerous.  It doesn’t help much w

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Season of Reneweal: Our Top 4
Essential Oils for Spring

  •   Monday March 20th, 2017

Spring is here!  Warmer, temperatures, longer days and plants in full bloom – just a few of the reasons that we love the seasonal of renewal. Life and love are in the air, and to celebrate, we’re showcasing some of the most popular essential oil scents for the season. We’ve match

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Essential Oils to Help you Sleep

  •   Sunday March 12th, 2017

Last night, our clocks sprung ahead one hour.  How can that impact your sleep? And which essential oils help with sleep? While many of us enjoy the extended daytime of Daylight Savings time, it can wreak havoc on our internal clocks. Not only is this annoying, it’s actually unhealthy.  The o

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Essential Oils for
Working Out – Our Top Picks

  •   Monday February 27th, 2017

We often view essential oils as a way to reduce stress, lose weight, or keep our internal systems going strong. But did you know that there are also some great essential oils for working out? These oils help boost energy, reduce soreness, improve circulation and even enhance muscle repair. Peppermin

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Romantic Essential Oils for Couples:
Our Top Pics for Valentine’s Day

  •   Tuesday February 7th, 2017

Romantic Essential Oils Love is in the air – literally! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and what better way to set the romantic ambiance than with the sweet scents of roses and cocoa? Both share a rich history as timeless keepsakes of love and passion. After all, at the heart of each is

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Essential Oils for ADD and ADHD

  •   Friday February 3rd, 2017

Medical professionals agree that cases of ADD and ADHD are rising among children. Although new treatments offer to help, some tend to do more harm than good. Lawsuits have resulted, but many parents still aren’t sure how they can help treat the condition in their children. Fortunately, significant

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Getting Started: the Easiest
DIY Essential Oil Projects

  •   Sunday January 22nd, 2017

As science and shared experiences continue to drive enthusiasm for essential oils, they are becoming more commonplace among health and beauty items. But did you know that many of these products can be made right at home with tools you already have? Best of all, it doesn’t take the skill of an expe

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