Sweet Dreams (Relaxation/Sleep)


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A blend designed to encourage calm and peacefulness . Fall asleep peacefully and deeply with the power of aromatherapy pure essential oils. A sweet, mossy-green, herbaceous blend that supports deep, restful sleep. Sweet Dreams is helpful for problems with either getting off to sleep or waking without wanting to. An excellent blend also for mild anxiety, worry or irritability.

  • Induces stillness and a feeling of calm
  • Sets the mood for sleep
  • Relaxes the mind and allows the brain to switch off
  • Prepares the mind and body for sleep


  • Ease of falling to sleep
  • Wake feeling fully rested
  • Regulates the body clock creating a familiarity with ‘falling asleep’

1) Each oil comes in an amber color glass bottles to protect light sensitive oils from degrading.

2) All bottles have a euro dropper to ensure only few drops come at a time ensuring full usage.

3) 100% natural, pure grade, kosher and organic essential oils.

4) Use a few drops in a diffuser to freshen any room or office

5) Can be mixed in water while taking bath.

6) For External use only

7) Keep away from Children. Aromatic and Topical Use Only.


How to use

Add 5-7 drops to your oil vaporiser and create a dreamy paradise.

Additional Information


10ml, 30ml

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